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By Tommy on December 8, 2013 • No Comments

1386105774 revenge wedding article(1)Well, on television, that is. But regardless, Emily VanCamp would have been a beautiful bride either way! The Revenge star and her on-and-off-screen beau Joshua Bowman are pictured looking like they are in wedded bliss! However, things aren’t as happy as they seem, contrary to their happy little mugs! With Daniel being forced into marrying Emily after she dropped that fake baby bombshell on him in the last episode, he obviously does’t have a choice! If you’ve been keeping up with Revenge or at least saw the season premiere of the show, it’s no secret that Ems & Danny’s wedding day will end in a catastrophe!

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By Tommy on December 8, 2013 • No Comments

REVENGE, MADELEINE STOWE, EMILY VANCAMP“You’re going to be a grandmother.”

If there is one sentence we’re sure Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) has never wanted to hear on Revenge, it’s that one. Especially when it’s coming from the eternal thorn in her side, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

Though Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily have yet to share their good news that they’re expecting their first child with the Hamptons’ ice queen, that all changes in Sunday’s episode of the ABC hit sudser, and we’ve got an exclusive clip to share with you in which the couple breaks the news under less-than-ideal circumstances. Less-than-ideal being that Lydia Davis (Amber Valletta) is back with a vengeance!


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Taking time away from the set of his hit ABC series “Revenge,” Nick Wechslerfronted the November/December 2013 issue of Brink magazine.

While rocking a few poses for the Jared Kocka-shot spread, the 35-year-old actor chatted about his new popularity in Hollywood after signing on with the show and even revealed his thoughts on the accusations that Katherine Heigl is difficult to work with.

On dealing with pressure:
“It never overwhelms me. I’m not a star. I’m just some dude. I can leave my house and get groceries and go to the gym and live my life, and nobody bothers me. They ask a lot of stuff on Twitter, and I can’t answer everything, you know? My policy is I’ll just tweet about the episode when I’m watching it, and on the commercial breaks, I’ll start answering as many questions as I can before I come back from the commercial break. I’m just trying to do what I can, but then I give myself most of the rest of the week off. It’s mostly because I don’t know what to do with Twitter. I’m just an awful human being I guess. But no, it hasn’t been overwhelming at all. I’m not at the level where it’s suffocating.”

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By Tommy on December 8, 2013 • No Comments

REVENGE - "Mercy" - When Emily's biggest takedown yet crashes and burns, she must rely on help from an unlikely source to investigate what went wrong. Meanwhile, to protect her own future, Victoria makes a bold move to secure her independence, on "Revenge," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Vivian ZInk)MADELEINE STOWEEmily Thorne may be the protagonist of ABC’s Revenge, but few characters on the show have shocked and awed us like Victoria Grayson (played by actress Madeleine Stowe). The matriarch of the notorious Grayson family, this woman runs the Hamptons and — let’s face it — we’re all kinda scared of her. Emily has been trying to take this woman down for a while now, but Victoria has proved to be a worthy opponent. In fact, in this third season she’s pretty much made it her mission to take down Emily, who’s engaged to Daniel Grayson (Vicki’s son). Victoria has pulled a lot of shady stunts since the show premiered, like faking her own death, hiding a son she had while in her teens, and orchestrating all kinds of drama between Emily and Daniel. Here are her top five shadiest moments of season three.

Sometimes You Gotta Hire Your Son’s Fiancée’s Ex-Boyfriend To Stir Up Some Ish

This woman so loathes the idea of Emily Thorne joining her family (and is so suspicious of the whole engagement…rightfully so) that she started off the season enlisting Aiden Mathis for help. As Emily’s ex-boyfriend, she wanted him to rekindle the flame and pull Emily away from Daniel. The concept of minding your own business is something Victoria has never really embraced, but isn’t that why we love her?

The Shadiest Art Gallery Coup Ever

When it looked like the Graysons were going for broke, Victoria did the unthinkable and – wait for it – got a job. Madness! But when she didn’t like the way the gallery owner was treating her she teamed up with her long-lost son Patrick to blackmail the woman into leaving town and handing the keys to the fancy-schmancy gallery over to her. Why? Because even when she’s broke, Victoria Grayson works for no one!

Sometimes You Gotta Fire Your Son’s Fiancée’s Ex-Boyfriend

Later on in this season Victoria basically got bored with Aiden. Sure, he’d found her missing Grayson fortune, but since he failed to drive a wedge between Daniel and Emily he was useless to her. On the Fourth of July she hilariously and appropriately informed Aiden that she was declaring her independence from the British, and promptly told him to bounce.

And Sometimes You Gotta Team Up With Your Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Even Though You Ruined Her Life Back In The Day

It takes a very special kind of shade to team up with your son’s ex-girlfriend a few years after you ruined her life when your son caught a DUI charge and injured her in a car crash. True story. Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Sarah is back in the picture this season, and Victoria has every intention of using that to her advantage. Because when you’re a true blue opportunist, any situation at all can be used to your advantage. Vicki knows this, and Vicki acts accordingly.

Throwing Shade At Emily’s Bridal Shower

When your future mother-in-law invites your super-secret ex-husband to your bridal shower…you’re probably in the world of Revenge. Even though Victoria’s plan to ruin Emily and Daniel’s big day with the introduction of the man Emily had “married” years ago was actually all a part of Emily’s plan, you gotta give it up to Victoria for being shady enough to do it. She was so psyched to play “This Is Your Life” with Emily, and we can be sure that she’s not finished

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By Tommy on December 8, 2013 • No Comments

Emily and Daniel -Typically, when you are talking about weddings the big moment that you are referring to is the kiss after being pronounced husband and wife, however not when it comes to “Revenge.” Somehow, this moment gets put on the back burner in favor of some of the other big moments … including the site of Emily Throne being shot in the stomach before falling off a boat to her death.

But since we want to at least focus on one of the happier times for this couple, we’ve attached that “you may kiss the bride” moment from the Emily / Daniel wedding that you were looking to see … just in case you ever actually doubted even for a second that the two were going to be actually getting married. (To be fair, this was actually sometimes pretty easy to doubt when you consider everything that the pair has been going through.)

This kiss between these two is probably one that is filled with all sorts of awkwardness still, when you consider that Emily doesn’t really love him, and we’re not really that sure anymore what Daniel’s feelings are towards her. This is a guy who, after all, just compared Emily to his mother. If that’s not a million different degrees of ick, we don’t know what is.

It will be after this wedding and the reception that things start to really get a little crazy for Emily and company, as we begin what is one of the most terrifying boat trips imaginable. The whole family will be on board, but from there on out, almost anything can happen. That boat is going to be filled with possible shooting suspects, but what we hear is that the person firing the bullet is someone you won’t see coming. (i.e. it is probably not going to be Victoria Grayson.)

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By Tommy on December 3, 2013 • No Comments

REVENGE - "Confession" - With a new lease on life, Nolan throws a housewarming party worthy of The Hampton's elite, but an unexpected guest leads to a showdown that sends shockwaves through the community, while Conrad's mortality causes him to question his sins, on "Revenge," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)GABRIEL MANNAnyone who’s tuning into ABC’s Revenge knows that much of the show’s drama can be attributed to all of the complicated love triangles and quadrangles therein. But in all fairness, isn’t that typical of most television dramas?  Romantic problems are an easy way to keep folks interested in a show, but Revenge takes a unique approach with one character in particular. Nolan Ross (played by actor Gabriel Mann) is a favorite on Revenge, as the ride or die, ever-quotable sidekick to Emily Thorne. But one of the other things that makes Nolan so awesome is his sexuality, or rather, the lack of clarity in that department. With each passing season, viewers remain a bit unclear as to which way Nolan swings precisely, and the ambiguity therein is pretty cool.

In the first season we saw Nolan hooking up with Daniel Grayson’s old college rommate Tyler Barrol, and viewers naturally assumed Nolan was gay. By the time we got to season two, Tyler was long gone and Padma Lahari was the new romantic interest. Nolan’s gorgeous assistant (may she rest in peace) rocked a mean green dress, and her character threw us all for a loop. Technically, her relationship with Nolan meant that he was bisexual, but this was never explicitly stated. You could attribute such an omission to bad writing, but it could have been an intentional move — an attempt to create a character that resisted labels.

This season, it’s all about Nolan and Patrick, although we expect this new relationship to be just as complicated as the others.  In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying their many, shirtless hook ups (and hope that Patrick returns to the Hamptons soon for this reason especially). Here’s hoping Nolan — our favorite gay/bi/undefined/indifferent character on Revenge

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By Tommy on November 17, 2013 • No Comments

Take a look -

It has been rather clear for at least a little while now that Victoria has just one simple goal on “Revenge” season 3, and that is to do almost anything in her power to try to split up the wedding between Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson. She doesn’t really care less that the two could possibly be “in love”; as a matter of fact, she’s more interested in making sure that her son falls in love with someone else.

Remember Sarah? We hope so, since you would otherwise have a very short attention span. Victoria decided to hire her out in order to conduct the pre-wedding shower for the couple, primarily so that she could ensure that Emily VanCamp’s character saw the possible “other woman” front and center. Ever so slowly, something as simply as attraction could be pushing Daniel to someone else, and away from his long-intended bride.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the weaker ones that she has ever concocted. Sarah is not an extremely powerful person, and therefore, it will not be hard to find a way to take her down, and convince her to get as much distance as possible from the Graysons. All it takes is Nolan, some more stuff exposing the Graysons’ dirty laundry, and possibly a large sum of money to go away. After everything that this family has put her through, we could imagine Sarah finding a bit of jubilant celebration over the idea of not having to work again for a pretty long time; we don’t think that she cares for Daniel that much. She just has some fond memories of him from the past, but remembers what happened in the end.

Nonetheless, this is becoming more and more apparent that it is a situation worth watching, and one that Emily is going to have to ensure does not get any further out of hand than it is now if she wants to ensure a happy wedding for herself … and a successful plan to destroy Victoria once and for all.

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By Tommy on November 17, 2013 • No Comments

Revenge Season 3 Episode 8 Secrecy (2)

Revenge “Secrecy” season 3 episode 8 airs Sunday November 17 2013 at 9pm on ABC.

Synopsis: Revenge Season 3 Episode 8 “Secrecy”- Victoria eagerly throws Emily a bridal shower that neither of them will soon forget. And when Daniel grows more distant, Emily has to take drastic measures, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Show Summary: Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) took the Hamptons by storm last summer as the intriguing new arrival to this exclusive community. By all appearances, she is a friendly and sophisticated “girl next door” whose disarming charm and generosity have allowed her seamless access to the restricted circles of the Hamptons high society. However Emily Thorne is anything but what she seems: Hiding behind an assumed identity, she is a woman with just one endgame – REVENGE.


Revenge Season 3 Episode 8 Secrecy (7)

Revenge Season 3 Episode 8 Secrecy (6)
























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By Tommy on November 17, 2013 • No Comments

See Emily -

Emily VanCamp has had an opportunity to play a variety of difficult emotions and situations on “Revenge” over the past three years, but has there ever been a situation as desperate as the one she is facing on the show with the wedding? We’re not quite sure. There are so many obstacles that are awaiting her here, but there is also the major goal behind it in that she needs to ruin Victoria Grayson once and for all, and then try to escape town to never be seen again by most of these people. Given that there is still a second half of this season, we can’t see all of this happening; but what will should leave us entertained and inquisitive throughout the summer hiatus.

The episode of the show airing a week from Sunday is entitled “Surrender,” and based on the synopsis from SpoilerTV, it sounds like she is really not going to be getting everything that she wants out of this:

“As the wedding approaches, Emily tries to put the final touches on her plan, but the Graysons seem to slip from her grasp.”

What a surprise! The Grayson family is going to continue to cause Emily problems. But while this should give you some pause to be worried about Emily and what could happen to her, you also have to remember something else here pretty valuable: She is going to be shot at the end of the season, and we know that the plan was to blame Victoria for her murder. So at least part of that plan comes to fruition. We just have to wonder now whether or not Madeleine Stowe’s character is really the one to pull the trigger, or if we are looking at a completely different culprit here. Time will tell, and we don’t have to wait too much longer.

Continue Reading http://cartermatt.com/96017/abcs-revenge-season-3-spoilers-first-look-at-surrender-trouble-for-emily-vancamp/

By Tommy on November 17, 2013 • No Comments
Revenge star Gabriel Mann's Nolan is out for love and not war

  • Gabriel Mann stars in the hit series Revenge
  • He plays the role of Nolan in the show
  • Nolan is looking to find love and avoid war
Gabriel Mann is a busy man. This is the opposite of his Revenge alter ego, Nolan Ross. Gabriel Mann is playing the newly released billionaire jailbird, who has decided to stop aiding Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) in her quest for Revenge. Gabriel recently hung out at EW Google + hangout to dish the latest scoop on Nolan, Emily and Nolan’s new love interest, Patrick.
Nolan has found love for the third time with Patrick (Justin Hartley). It is lethal to fall in love with Nolan Ross. His last two love interests both ended up murdered. Now, Nolan is struggling with wanting his own personal life and actively participating in Emily’s revenge plan. Gabriel says, “Her one-mindedness about getting this revenge, I think, sometime doesn’t always account for other people’s feelings.” Nolan really wants to make this relationship with Patrick work so he is taking a step back from aiding Emily Thorne.
Gabriel Mann plays Nolan in Revenge
Since the beginning of Revenge, Nolan has been acting as Emily Thorne’s sidekick and best friend. It might seem like he is cutting ties with her plan, but this will not last long. In the upcoming midseason finale, Nolan will walk the her down the aisle. Emily is using her wedding as the endgame for her Revenge plan.
You can see what makes Nolan change his mind and get back on the Revenge train on ABC Sundays 9/8C. You can catch Gabriel Mann every Sunday night at @Gabriel_Mann live chatting during the show.

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